Advantages of Using Benefits-Management Software

Of course acquiring new customers and taking care of your existing customers are key to maintaining sustainable growth for your company. It’s also important to be prepared for growth in a number of ways, including benefits management. As you look to expand your workforce with top talent and scale your benefits program, you need the most up-to-date tools for smooth and efficient operations. Benefits software can benefit your company in many ways.

1. Enhance your company’s image

A positive company image and favorable employee experience are keys to reducing costly turnover, especially in a tight labor market. Satisfied employees are more productive and engaged. So investing in tools that improve their experience will pay off many times over.

As the workforce gets younger, of the talent pool is composed of digital natives who expect to be able to do everything on a computer or mobile device. These workers will be nonplussed by the idea of filling out paperwork manually. Companies that still use paper forms are lagging behind, in terms of both efficiency and image.

Time is money, and benefits-management software saves your company both, offering these advantages:

• Your employees and HR team will spend less time spent filling out forms.
• New employees will experience smoother onboarding.
• Making changes over time will be more convenient.
• Storing critical company and employee data digitally is much safer than keeping paper copies, and it requires less office space.
• Information about employee benefits and compensation packages is readily accessible from anywhere.

2. Streamline administrative tasks

In recent years, human resources departments have taken on a bigger burden in responding to new regulations and an increase in the number and type of benefits offered. Using traditional forms, the complications of regulations, shuffling piles of paperwork and human error can wind up costing your team a troubling amount of time and money. Implementing technology can help you get a handle on employee benefits management. Benefits software empowers your HR team to help drive business growth. It will help them:

• Manage employee benefits efficiently and accurately.
• Scale your benefits strategy with your growing company.
• Be more innovative with recruiting and retaining talent in an evolving workforce.

The automation that software provides will free your HR staff to focus on improving your employees’ workplace experience. It also offers myriad options for them to employ innovate ways to compete for and retain the top talent your company needs to grow.

3. Ensure compliance

Health-care regulations, including ACA compliance, doesn’t just add to administrative burdens; it also exposes your company to a bigger risk of incurring fines for non-compliance. An overwhelmed HR staff can lead to compliance issues through misunderstandings about how to meet requirements, failure to provide documentation and human error.

Benefits-management software gives your HR department the tools to easily meet requirements and provide documentation with just a few clicks. This gives you peace of mind while potentially saving you from hefty financial penalties.

4. Give your HR and financial teams the information to make better decisions

One of the great leaps of the digital age is the ability to collect and analyze data that can help you make smarter business decisions. People analytics (also known as HR analytics or talent analytics) is now at the forefront of human resource management as tool to improve employee recruitment and retention. Ultimately, it can drive a better return on your investment in people.

Descriptive and predictive analytics give you the insight you need to better manage your employee benefits program. Knowing exactly how your employees are using benefits can help you meet their needs in more cost-effective ways. You can use claims analysis tools to evaluate your health-care coverage strategy and fine-tune your funding model to reduce premiums while providing great coverage.

Superior Benefits provides custom designed all-in-one benefits, HR and compliance software specifically designed to fit your company’s unique needs. Our software will make your business run more smoothly:

• Claim analysis tools
• ACA compliance tool
• YouTube enrollment video
• Online enrollment
• New hire onboarding
• PTO management
• Automatic email updates
• Employee self service
• Centralized document storage

At Superior Benefits, automating processes is one of our specialties. Our clients all benefit from custom-designed, all-in-one benefits, HR and compliance software. Let us take care of your open-enrollment, benefits-management, new-hire-onboarding and ACA-reporting needs.

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