As we all remember, open enrollment for Obamacare per the Affordable Care Act on October 1st, 2013 was a bit of a nightmare.  Millions of Americans previously denied health insurance year after year for pre-existing conditions now had a chance to get the healthcare so desperately needed. Unfortunately millions of people that tried to get on a government plan found themselves unable to do so thanks to website and IT issues.

This year, individual enrollment begins on November 15th, and the period enroll in Obamacare will be shorter than last year.  There might be some more complications this year, but don’t expect a repeat of last year’s meltdown.  Some of the problems we might see will be tougher to fix than a bunch of network problems a few IT experts can fix.  The biggest issue is that a big percentage of clients will be automatically renewed on the same plan at higher rates.

This could cause confusion because some of the information out there could be out of date, misleading on costs, and other parts of coverage.  Those with fixed incomes who rely on subsidies could possibly receive less if they stay on their current plans. There might be some difficulties accurately calculating subsidies as well.  In addition the open enrollment period shortened by six weeks won’t make things easier.

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