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Our status allows us to generate your success, our platinum broker status with each carrier enables us to have more negotiating power for our clients and our cost saving strategies allow us to reduce your costs while still keeping you compliant.

Saving Strategies

Our status allows us to generate your success, our platinum broker status with each carrier enables us to have more negotiating power for our clients and our cost saving strategies allow us to reduce your costs while still keeping you compliant.

  • We always think outside the box with customized solutions to help your business lower cost.
  • Our analytic team dives into your census and thoroughly compares all options

Our platinum status and cost saving strategies give Superior Benefits an advantage other brokers can’t compete with.

Level Funding A Risk Free Solution

  • Works well for smaller employers looking for a safe way to save money on Group Health insurance
  • Provides employer with financial predictability and control with the opportunity to benefit from favorable claims years.
  • Defined & Contained Risk – The employer’s maximum exposure/annual costs are determined up front through the purchase of Stop Loss insurance. The employer will never pay more than this monthly cost(just like a Fully Insured health insurance plan)
  • If an employer has high claims, they will receive a renewal similar to fully insured carrier renewals. If an employer has low claims, they will receive a check or credit back every year after their renewal
  • At renewal, If employer decides to leave Level Funded Carrier, there are no penalties and No additional employer money owed.

Self-Funding Arrangement

  • Preferred arrangement with “Stop Loss Carriers” : Employer is eligible to receive a refund of up to 25% of the Stop loss “surplus”.
  • Superior implements an innovative Wellness Program to encourage healthy employee behavior reducing claims, benefiting the employer.
  • Tailor a plan design beyond what most fully insured carriers offer
  • ACA essential health benefits & Industry Insurance Fee requirement does not apply to Self Insured Plans.


  • Lower Employer premium cost
  • Help lower Employer medical claims/Renewal Rates
  • Provide employees 65 or older more options


  • Superior Benefits develops creative Gap Insurance strategies to help employers significantly reduce their renewal.
  • Significantly reduces employer’s Health Insurance premiums
  • Claims are processed automatically, employee doesn’t have to manually file claims
  • Provides employees with first dollar coverage for medical services

Private Exchange

Superior Benefits makes it easy to buy benefits. It recommends a customized benefits portfolio for each person or family-analyzing their health situations, preferences, and finances to assemble the right plans for them. It provides them with educational tools to understand their options and they are free to pick what they want.

You Save Money:

  • Set a fixed budget for benefits this year and into the future
  • Most companies save 10-30% in the first year alone

You Enhance Employee Satisfaction:

  • Empower your employees with knowledge and choice
  • Engage your employees in their healthcare
  • Provide better overall coverage
What You Have Now
With Private Exchange
Why It Matters
Misaligned Coverage
Give everyone a “one-size-fits-all” health plan and limit other forms of protection
Balanced Coverage for Diverse Risks
Your employees choose the coverage that meets their individual needs across a range of insurance products
You save time and your employees get better service
Annual Juggle of Rising Benefit Costs
Each year, either pay more, change carriers and plans, limit coverage, or shift costs to employees
You Set Your Benefits Budget
Allocate fixed dollars to your employees and let them buy what they value
Employees understand and value every dollar you spend on benefits
Less Satisfied Employees
Hide the value of your benefits spend from employees and choose for them
Increase Employee Satisfaction
Allow employees to build a personalized benefits portfolio that meets their specific needs
You control your budget, and your employees control their budgets—people spend money more wisely when it’s their own
Benefits Administration Headaches
Track down paper enrollment forms, answer employee questions, manage carrier reporting needs
Streamlined Benefits Administration
We streamline benefits administration and handle employee questions; you use e-client online tools for changes and reports
Your employees are better protected



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