Two Questions to Ask Your Benefits Broker

For most companies, benefits are the second-largest budget item after payroll. To optimize every dollar, make sure your benefits broker to provides you with the most cost-effective solutions for your employee health-care and benefits program.

So how do you know if your broker is providing you the most value possible for your money? Asking these two questions will give you a good idea about whether or not you are getting the most benefits and service for your money.

1. How Are Your Offerings Adapting to the Changing Workforce and Economy?

The health care and benefits world is evolving fast. We’re entering an era in which insurance has evolved from an employer benefit with virtually no decision-making or financial involvement from employees to a cost-sharing model where employees have a real stake in the outcome. Employees have been sheltered from these costs and decisions. Now that these expenses have become unsustainable for employers, employees who now foot more of the bill are demanding control. They want to choose benefits that meet their needs.

If your broker doesn’t present you with innovative new ideas, you could get left behind. The best brokers are constantly staying on top of trends and looking for innovative ways to adapt to changing markets, regulations and employee expectations. You want a broker who will come to you with ideas about how you can compete in the labor market with new benefits packages that attract and keep top talent while supporting your bottom line.

Superior Benefits is leading the way with innovative insurance solution to save you costs and trendsetting benefits to keep you abreast of changes in the economy and workforce.

2. How Do You Streamline Enrollment and Benefits Management?

A lot of waste and confusion can happen around enrollment and benefits management. Your broker should be able to offer tools that help your HR department and employees understand and manage benefits efficiently.

At Superior Benefits, our technology unifies the benefits experience for your employees and streamlines administrative tasks, improves visibility and drives better decisions for your financial and HR teams.


When was the last time you compared your broker’s offerings and value to other alternatives? It never hurts to investigate your options and even get a second opinion. To receive an evaluation of your health-care plan, contact Superior Benefits today.

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