Your Wellness is our Focus

Our highly developed wellness plans are customized to fit the needs of your company and geared towards helping your employees make healthy lifestyle changes. Healthier employees create happier employees which in turn lead to positive changes in the overall workplace environment. In addition to this, such changes can help turn the tide on the rising cost of health care at your business, while also generating substantial ROI.

Companies who implement workplace wellness programs for their employees have proven to incresase office morale while decreasing costs for healthcare.


Fewer Sick Days


Lower Healthcare Costs


Happier Employees

Flu Shot Clinics


Biometric Screenings


Wellness Coaching

Flu Shot Clinics
Each year in the U.S., the flu is responsible for 200 million days of diminished productivity, 75 million days of work abscences and 22 million visits to health care providers. We make sure that the flu doesn’t get the best of your company.

With on site flu shot clinics, we partner with the best in network pharmacists closest to your office location. By making it easy for employees to get flu shots on site, the employees are protected and you save money in both work and health care!

Biometric Screenings
Biometric Screenings provide vital health information for your employees. With just a few tests, clinicians can collect a wide amount of data about our genetic makeup and physical health which can then be used to assess risks of serious health issues, potential for chronic conditions, and opportunities for health improvements.
Wellness Coaching
The statistics on abscenteeism due to illness, doesn’t include the losses from employees who come to work ill or suffer from poor sleep, nutritional habits, or stress.

A wellness coach can assist your organization in creating a program to help employees identify and achieve their health goals. Not only can coaching improve individual health, but the health of your business too.

Our clients love our partnerships and easy to use apps!
We’ve partnered with the best in the industry. From Go365, Health4Me, Weight Watchers, Fit Bit, we make sure your company has the best program in place for their employees.
Our partner applications allow employees to track their nutrition and fitness goals while also having access to thousands of tips and facts. More choices, more resources, less questions.
With our apps employees also are given a sense of community. There is no better way to reach your goals then to do it with others! When your company works on wellness together, everybody wins.
Ready. Set. Rewards.
Making healthier choices is a lot more fun when you are rewarded for it! We offer programs that reward your employees as they reach goals and milestones. Every healthy step in the right direction earns them points which they can spend on great items!

In addition to the great incentives for employees, the company is also getting rewarded. As your employees become healthier, your health care costs drop and the office morale goes up!

Happy Employees equal a happy workplace

…rewards just make it easier!

Our Superior Solution
We provide your employees with
the right program, partner, and incetive.

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